At Ridgeview, the students and teachers are sorted into a House System.


Students and teachers at schools where the House System has been put in place have raved about the impact it has had on the educational experience. Children have noted such things as how it has helped them to form friendships and create closer bonds with their peers. Teachers have noted how students perform at higher levels when points are assigned and their peers are cheering them on. Additional benefits include the following:

* Culture of Belonging

* School-wide Community

* Character Building


In 2019, RES established 7 Houses in which every student and staff member will be sorted. Each house has it's own characteristics. Once students have been sorted, they will remain in that house for all of their years at RES.


We will have House challenges throughout the year and students can earn points for their House through good character and strong effort. We will end each nine weeks with a House Party to celebrate and one House will be named House Champion at the end of the year!


Meet the RES Houses


House of Courage

Animo's color is orange and animal is the lion. A characteristic of the House of Animo is strength.



House of Perseverance *2019-20 House of the Year*

Persto's color is black and animal is the turtle. A characteristic of the House of Persto is determination.



House of Kindness

Benignus's color is red and animal is the giraffe. A characteristic of the House of Benignus is generosity.



House of Encouragement

Foveo's color is purple and animal is the dolphin. A characteristic of the House of Foveo is positivity.



House of Honesty

Probitas's color is blue and animal is the elephant. A characteristic of the House of Probitas is honor.



House of Respect

Quantum's color is yellow and animal is the eagle. A characteristic of the House of Quantum is good manners.



House of Mindfulness

Memor's color is green and animal is the panda. A characteristic of the House of Memor is awareness.

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