• Parents are to use the lower loop when dropping off students in the morning. If your student can not get out of the car on their own, please pull around and park. You can then walk with them across the parking lot to the covered drop-off area. Please do not let your student out of the car until you reach the first drop-off space. Letting students out near the grass is unsafe.

  • Make sure to STOP every time a crossing guard is in the street holding the "STOP" sign.

  •  During dismissal, parents, please remain in your cars at all times. Your student will be smiling when they show you how they can open the car door and get in all by themselves. Plus it will help serve to make the line move safely and efficiently.

  • During dismissal, please do not use Bradford Grove Trail to park and wait for a student. This is not a car dismissal area. This practice causes a chaotic experience where a student may get hurt.

  • Do not let your student out of the car on Marshall Ridge Pkwy in the mornings or expect to pick walkers up there in the afternoons

  • School playgrounds are not open to the public during school hours. From 7:30 - 3:30 school playgrounds are for teachers to use with students. Additionally, Clayton After School Club has access to the playgrounds between the hours of 3:10 - 6:30.

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